Starting from a Garage, a big dream come true

When you hear the garage, what’s on your mind?

Most people know that the garage is a place in the house that   was designed to put the vehicles such as cars, motorcycles bicycles, or perhaps a plane :p

But who would have thought of the founders of  Apple.Inc., Steve Jobs and founder, Jeff Bezos, where the garage of their home is their first stepin achieving their success to date.


I will tell of what I know 🙂

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Moving up from the Hello World!! Immediately!

Hi guys, know about the Hello World?

By Hello World we can begin to learn and can grow, but we would be very embarrassed if we just have       a limited ability for Hello World, in the sense we are not able to grow and evolve to higher levels from        Hello World. Therefore,, start from now guys!!, to run leaving the Hello World to create a masterpiece               that could make our big name.

” Hello World is a major gateway towards achieving a higher, not a place for us to live. ”

So,Taken Up mate.. 🙂


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