Starting from a Garage, a big dream come true

09 Apr

When you hear the garage, what’s on your mind?

Most people know that the garage is a place in the house that   was designed to put the vehicles such as cars, motorcycles bicycles, or perhaps a plane :p

But who would have thought of the founders of  Apple.Inc., Steve Jobs and founder, Jeff Bezos, where the garage of their home is their first stepin achieving their success to date.


I will tell of what I know 🙂

 is an online sales company founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos create his business plan for his dream company’s. In the early days of, the company is using Jeff Bezos’s garage in Seattle with a table made from old doors. product when it is just a book. With a makeshift facility, led by Jeff Bezoz, able to create trust for their customers. So that keeps growing and growing until now. The products sold were not just books, but also clothes, DVDs, etc. until now, is the largest online trading site in the world.

Wow .. who thinks all started from a garage?!haha
2.   Apple Inc.

One more big companies that we definitely know now that their first office was in a home garage, Namely Apple, Inc. In 1976 Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak successfully completed the initial prototype first generation of apple, and who thinks that Apple’s first generation, assembled at the Steve Jobs family’s garage. Although Apple had experienced a bankruptcy, but the success achieved by Steve Jobs back and until now Apple, Inc. is growing rapidly with its products such as iPod, iPhone and the iPad, which certainly is to make consumers want to buy it.

The story of how steve jobs apple founded in his garage, bankruptcy steve, keep up with bill gates, can you see in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Some of the photos depicting the first office apple (Garage house Steve Jobs Family) isdepicted in the film Pirates of Silicon Valley

Wow .. again started from the garage .. haha

ok after the story know,, how do you respond??
start using your garage as your personal office? or elsewhere Your home is not enabled? haha

Essentially a success can be achieved because of the willingness and ability, not because of the facility, so use what you’ve got to start reaching for a dream, not have to jealous with other colleagues, friends or relatives you’ve got because you never know little things that you have that can take you on a success.

Believe it!!!haha :p

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One response to “Starting from a Garage, a big dream come true

  1. fikriinside

    April 9, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    what if i don’t have a garage?? from where i can starting it?? ^_^v haha
    yes, i agree we can start from our willingness and ability, not because of the facility, although sometimes the great facility can help us to better life :p :p

    nice article mate 🙂 it can motivated me to do a big think with a little facility ^_^ and now seems like i want to watch the video Pirates of Silicon valley again ^_^


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